Focal Points

Each room needs a centrepiece of some description. A focal point is important because it sets the tone for the rest of the decorating scheme and ties the total look together. It also draws the eye away from the less pleasing aspects of the room. A handsome fireplace, for example, naturally draws the eye towards it. Enhance it with fire irons, a fender seat and a painting or mirror over the mantel.
However if you need to create a focal point in a room that has none, the golden rule is “Think Big”. In a small room one big object such as a bookcase, an armoire or an enormous painting brings a resonance that immediately makes you think the room is much bigger than it is. The second rule is to place other pieces around the centrepiece in such a way that nothing detracts from its overall effect.

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Focal Points

Room Lighting

Interior Design

Too often people forget about lights, but good lighting is possibly the most important element to change the character of your home. You should be able to walk into your home and flick a switch that controls mall the lamps on a circuit rather than switching them all on individually. You may well end of up sitting at one end of your drawing room because you cannot be bothered to get up and switch the other lights on. Do not depend heavily on a central ceiling light, it often flattens and dulls a room.
Good lighting should bring the room to life.

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Princess Bedroom at the Bath House

Dear All,

We are gradually working our way through each room at the Bath House and will publish our progress on this Blog. The first room, one of the Turret’s  octagonal  bedrooms, to receive the Watson and Watson fairy dust. Is what we now call the Princess Bedroom. We started by finding an iron bedstead at a local antique market and then themed the entire room around it.

Really enjoying this project as it is ours!!!!





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Our Snug

Just took this photo of our snug- Scarborough Lily on the walls is such a beautiful colour…..Vaughan lamps always add a bit of something too- never economise on luxuries!

our snug600

The Basford Bath House

Dear All,

As some of you may be aware we have now moved into the Bath House at Basford. It’s a grade two listed Vioctorian Folly built by John Snyed in 1841 as a “bath house” or cold water swimming pool for his guests. We are gradually working our way through each room  and will publish progress here. Later in the year we hope to hold our Autumn Event in the newly refrurbished dining room. For the moment here are some external shots


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118   The Bath House 030 The Bath House 024


Fifty Shades in May


Lamp Fab

Dear All,

So excited – we used the client’s Japanese vases, had them wired and turned in Lamps – then found these wonderful shades which go so perfectly !!. The devil is in the detail.

We are gearing up to produce similar lamps for clients in two months time, so queue here  for “Fifty Shades in May”


New Find

Dear All,

We have just come across this wonderful Scottish Linen Press, it’s in a superb condition and just crying out for a large flat-screen TV and all the trimmings . That’s what Harve says, personally I would use all the  trays inside for layering cashmere!  £2,600.00. 

Call me to find out more L-C

L-Cs pictures 2012 196