Using Pattern and Colour This is the part…

Using Pattern and Colour

This is the part that we all love, but also the part that causes the biggest headaches. It can be so disappointing to receive a fabric swatch that does not look quite like you intended, but also an expensive mistake if you order and get it wrong. We professional decorators make up “Mood Boards” for our Clients showing swatches of paints, papers and fabrics, but it does take an experienced eye to envisage what these will look like together when used.
The problem is understanding both light and scale.
The grey you love on a tiny swatch might look oppressive when used on all fours walls of your dining room. The tartan you admire might become visually startling when covering a large piece of furniture. It is always best to invest in a roll of wallpaper and generous fabric swatch and a sample pot of paint before investing a large amount of money.

Try living with these things first.

More soon
L-C xx

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