Established in 1991, we are one of the longest established Interior Design houses in Derbyshire.
The creative direction of the company is drawn from the celebrated designer Lucie-Clare Watson who established her reputation in London, New York and the South of France before moving back to her home county to start a family in the 1990s.
Since then, Watson and Watson’s unique blend of style and flair has been sought out by those with traditional country Houses looking to celebrate and amplify the beauty of their properties.
Lucie-Clare’s sympathetic interpretation of clients’ needs, coupled with her natural vision, enable her to transform initial ideas into the finished picture. The goal is to accurately interpret and facilitate rather than overwhelm her clients’ character and to be able to carry that interpretation across even the largest and most challenging of projects.
Avoiding any set style, Lucie-Clare and her team work alongside clients, taking into account their lifestyle and the functional requirements of the project. Every country house is unique and each deserves the best of Watson and Watson.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on

Albert Einstein