Conditions of Acceptance- Sale or Return

  1. Articles remain the Customer’s property until sold or otherwise disposed of by The Curtain Exchange in accordance with (2) below.
  2. Articles are deposited for a maximum of six months (“the period of deposit”) unless otherwise sold or collected by the end of the period of deposit. After this time the Curtain Exchange may dispose of articles to charity or otherwise, without prior notice or any payment to the Customer, and all claims thereto by the Customer shall cease at the end of the period of deposit.
  3. During the period of deposit, the Curtain Exchange shall offer articles for sale to potential purchasers.
  4. Immediately before the sale, the Curtain Exchange shall purchase the articles from the Customer for the Purchase Price.
  5. Upon sale the Purchaser shall pay the Curtain Exchange the Sale Price for the article
  6. The Sale Price shall be made up of the following elements: the Purchase Price, the Curtain Exchange’s margin and VAT on the Curtain Exchange’s margin. The Purchase Price shall be 50% of the Sale Price less VAT on The Curtain Exchange’s margin and the Curtain Exchange’s margin shall be 50% of the Sale Price less VAT on the Curtain Exchange’s margin.
  7. Whilst every effort is taken to protect the articles against Fire, Water, theft and damage, no responsibility or liability is accepted by The Curtain Exchange for loss and damage top articles left by Customers in any circumstances whatever that precede the sale and all such risks of loss or damage shall remain solely with the Customer.
  8. The Curtain Exchange reserves the right to reduce the sale price at any time.
  9. Articles can be transferred between branches of The Curtain Exchange