How does The Curtain Exchange work?

Think dress agency, but for curtains.  We do not buy curtains, but sell them on your behalf and split the sale price 50/50.  (Net of the dreaded VAT which as a business we have to charge)  Many people find this an excellent way of finding a new home for their curtains as we do all the work for you.  We will appraise the curtains, measure them and then hang them in our fabulous Ashbourne showroom where we have a constant stream of potential purchasers.  They will be kept clean and dry and will be included in one of our regular monthly e-mail shots and displayed on our Facebook page.

We will only take curtains of exceptional quality, we cannot accept those that are faded, stained or in poor repair.  In some cases minor or slight discolouration on the linings will be accepted as long as the main fabric is untouched.  Curtains that are smoke damaged by either smoke or cigarette smoke will not be accepted. Also, Curtains that are damp or smell of damp will not be accepted.

If you would like us to try and sell your curtains either send us PDF pictures by email or do bring them in to us, but please note that we will only accept the very best designer quality full-length, lined and interlined curtains.

Zoffany – Colefax & Fowler – Nina Campbell – Osborne & Little – Manuel Canovas – Pierre Frey – Nobilis – Jane Churchill

Curtains that we cannot accept:

  • Unlined or short length
  • Curtains that require cleaning; those covered with spiders, cobwebs, cat and dog hairs &or any form of staining
  • Where there is fading on the leading edges of the main fabric
  •  Curtains that smell of cigarettes, fire, smoke, damp or animals
  • Torn fabric, paint stains or water damaged

In order to maintain the standards our customers expect we will only accept curtains of exceptional quality.  Please check your curtains carefully before showing them to us.  This avoids any unnecessary disappointment and costs.

We suggest you read our conditions of Acceptance